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Property Management

GIS facilitates property management tasks by maintaining a database of properties, tenants, and lease agreements. Real estate professionals can track property boundaries, manage rent rolls, monitor maintenance activities, and generate spatially referenced reports. GIS can also help in optimizing property portfolios and identifying under performing assets.

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How do we do it?

We use GIS to help property managers maintain an accurate inventory of properties by creating and managing a spatial database. This will allow you to store and organize information such as property boundaries, addresses, legal descriptions, lease terms, property value and more crucial information. This spatial database can be easily updated, queried, and shared among team members.


Property Management

Property management is an interactive software that can be accessed by team members and decision-makers alike, this will ensure that everyone that needs to be informed on important details of a property will be informed in a matter of seconds. Critical data such as maintenance and repair requirements, owned property locations, property inspection dates, house showing dates and performance.


Interactive Property Management Report

Fill the form and get free access to our Interactive Property Management example so you can see for yourself what are you missing on, get ahead of the game and start implementing GIS today.

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