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GIS and Asset Management

Did you know... that GIS improves a company's asset management by providing visual data on daily operations? Organizations can predict when assets need to be moved, use them effectively, or even reduce the cost of managing them, all by implementing GIS the right way. A quick example of Real-time asset management, ‘X Constructions’ owns 10 bulldozers, with GIS Asset Management supervisors can always know where these assets are in the ground, how long they have been in that location, and how are they being employed. With this information, you can predict when maintenance is going to be needed, and even reduce the cost of transporting those assets to a different location.

GIS offers organizations a complete toolbox to improve the efficiency of daily operations. The ability to visualize geo data on maps will allow you to make informed decisions to better manage your valuable assets. Ask your GIS team about real-time asset management and begin your GIS journey today.

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