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What is Georeferencing?

Georeferencing is the process of taking a digital image or map that does not have a geographic reference, such as latitude and longitude coordinates, and establishing its correct location on the Earth's surface.

Georeferencing can be used to align maps and other images with the real world, making it possible to overlay them on top of each other and perform spatial analysis.

The process of georeferencing typically involves identifying several ground control points (GCPs) on the image or map and determining their real-world coordinates. These GCPs are then used to calculate the image's transformation parameters, which are used to project the image onto the correct location on the Earth's surface. The transformation parameters are stored in the image's metadata, making it possible to display the image in a geographic information system (GIS) or other mapping software.

Georeferencing is an important step in many Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing projects, as it allows the integration of different data sources and the analysis of spatial relationships between features. The accuracy of the georeferencing process depends on the number and distribution of GCPs, as well as the quality and resolution of the image or map being georeferenced.

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